With its 6 islands, the Ilhabela archipelago is a jewel embedded in the North Coast of São Paulo. With 92% of its land preserved, 85% of which is designated as a legally protected State Park, the archipelago beckons nature enthusiasts. It boasts 39 beaches, several waterfalls and trails, as well as opportunities for nautical and terrestrial sports.

Ilhabela is heralded as the Sailing Capital and serves as a hotspot for sailors throughout the year. Wind and kite surfing also hold a special place in the hearts of locals. For those infatuated with the marine world, the island offers diving courses and experiences. Hiking enthusiasts can find trails of varying difficulty, suited to individual fitness levels. For those simply seeking relaxation, apart from the beaches, land and sea excursions are available for entertainment. And as the day winds down, a visit to the Historic Center (Vila) is essential, with its timeless architecture and alluring bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

Dining in Ilhabela is an experience in itself and ought to be a focal point of your journey. Whether you’re sampling dishes with international flair or indulging in local delicacies, the quality of local ingredients, like fish and shrimp, is garanteed!

All photos invariably feature the verdant backdrop of the mountains juxtaposed against the azure sea, teeming with native vegetation.

Experiences in Ilhabela

Ilhabela Map

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Find out more about Ilhabela on the Ilhabela Convention & Visitors Bureau website

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