Green Blue Route

Rota Verde Azul

Four Citys Several Beauties. A unique destination!

Along the most beautiful coastline in Brazil, the “Rota Verde Azul” (Blue Green Route) is an invitation to immerse oneself in nature.

Between the two largest tourist cities in Brazil, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it spans 615km, of which nearly 400km are along the sea, offering views of the stunning beauty of the Atlantic Forest in the mountain range of the sea.

Along the way, you can be dazzled by the Ilhabela Archipelago, with its 92% environmental preservation, enjoy almost 100km of unforgettable beaches in Ubatuba, fall in love with the Historic Center of Paraty with all its culture and community and stroll through Angra dos Reis Bay and the famous Ilha Grande.

There are countless hotel, restaurant, and tour options throughout the journey. All of unmatched quality, catering to all audiences and budgets.

And the best part is: without long journeys and with your own car or with a transfer provided by local companies!

A place to relax and enjoy every possible experience.

You are our guest to explore the Blue Green Route.

Please be welcome!

Safe and signposted routes

250km of monitored and safe roads linking the 4 cities on the Route

More than 2,500 beaches and islands

More than 2,200 beaches for you to visit and enjoy, as well as hundreds of islands

Extensive infrastructure

A wide range of accommodation, from small inns to large hotels

The most beautiful landscapes

Waterfalls, trails, beaches, islands, mountains, viewpoints, and rich fauna and flora await you and your family!

Discover the destinations of the Blue Green Route:

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