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In the paradisiacal setting of the Brazilian coast, we find a set of enchanting cities that stand out for their natural beauty, culture, and history. Among them, we highlight the beautiful and historic city of Paraty, which becomes a crucial point for uniting routes connecting Paraty to Angra dos Reis, Ubatuba, and IlhaBela.

Paraty: The Historical Jewel of the Coast

Located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Paraty is a city that combines colonial charm with breathtaking landscapes. Its stone streets, historic mansions, and centuries-old churches tell a rich history dating back to colonial Brazil. The preserved historic center is a true invitation to travel back in time and marvel at the unique architecture.

Furthermore, Paraty has a stunning coastline with crystal-clear water beaches and paradise-like islands that attract tourists from all over the world. Its natural beauties, combined with the local culture and the famous Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP), make the city a tourism and cultural hub of national relevance.

Route Union: Discovering Nearby Beauties

From Paraty, it’s possible to embark on an unforgettable journey, exploring other equally charming coastal cities of Brazil, such as Angra dos Reis, Ubatuba, and IlhaBela, which now join together in the Green and Blue Route.

The Meeting of Routes: Paraty as the Epicenter

From Paraty, travelers can explore the natural and cultural beauties of the Brazilian coast, enriching their journey with unique and memorable experiences.

Whether exploring Paraty’s colonial history, sailing through the islands of Angra dos Reis, enjoying the beaches of Ubatuba, or diving into the crystal-clear waters of IlhaBela, each of these cities has its unique charm. And from the historic city of Paraty, you connect all these treasures in an unforgettable trip along the Brazilian coast.

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Find out more about Paraty on the Paraty Convention & Visitors Bureau website

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