Bonete Trail

The caiçara community of Bonete Beach is the largest on São Paulo’s coast. There are almost 300 people who live in “isolation” and preserve their ancient customs.

We speak of an isolated community because access is only possible via a 15km trail on foot or by sea. There is no car access.

Hiking the trail is an experience. There’s a sense of accomplishment upon reaching the beach. Despite its length, the trail is of moderate difficulty and doesn’t have major obstacles. It’s a 5-hour walk through the Atlantic Rainforest, passing by three beautiful waterfalls where you can take refreshing dips. For those with a keen eye, it’s possible to spot rare birds, like the Tangará, or families of Capuchin monkeys. 30 minutes before arrival, everyone is treated to a stunning view of the beach.

But if you prefer comfort, tour agencies can take you there by speedboat or flexboat.

After settling in (there are small inns and rental homes available), lose yourself in the village’s narrow streets and take a dip in a waterfall or the river that flows into the beach.

Disconnecting from the world. That’s the reason to visit Bonete.