Land-Sea Tour

Perhaps the most popular tour in Ilhabela is the “Terra-Mar” (Land-Sea). The opportunity to explore the island both by land and by sea simultaneously.

The tour involves visiting Castelhanos Beach, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, with one leg of the journey on a flexboat by sea and the other in a jeep by land.

Departing from Perequê Beach, the flexboat heads north, passing various beaches and making two stops: one at Fome Beach and the other at Saco do Eustáquio, located on the eastern side of the island. Arriving at Castelhanos around 1 pm, it’s time to relax and savor traditional caiçara home-cooked meals or venture out to paths leading to Castelhanos Viewpoint, Gato Waterfall, or Mansa Beach. The return trip starts at 4 pm, traveling by jeep along the Parque Road, reaching an elevation of 770 meters before descending back to sea level.

The journey consists of roughly 1h30 by boat and 1h20 by jeep. The tour can also be done in reverse, departing by jeep and returning by flexboat.